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Your Free Home Owner's Home Automation Guide.
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Welcome to the Home Automation Australia Website.

Your home automation guide when building or renovating in Australia.

Professionally designed, installed and programmed home automation:

  • Enhances your home and lifestyle.
  • Improves your home's resale value and appeal.
  • Is becoming common in new/renovated homes.

Benefit from the experience of other home owners:

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"You should approach your home automation project as you would approach a professional Information Technology (IT) project. Most quality home automation projects involve networked computerised components, the integration of diverse electronic systems, extensive consultation and software support. While your builder and his electrician routinely perform standard domestic electrical installations, they are not equipped to understand and support your home automation project properly."

, Director, Clever Home Pty Ltd.

This Home Automation Australia Website is your free resource to help you find and directly engage a genuinely professional home automation Systems Integrator. Keep in mind that you will want your home automation Systems Integrator to provide:

  • A systematic design approach that looks into the future for reliability and easy expansion.
  • A detailed home automation project proposal that leaves you confident about what is being proposed.
  • Extensive consultation between you and your home automation systems integrator.
  • An understanding of what is required for the reliable installation of security, communications and home automation systems.
  • Professional software development, testing, and customisation.
  • Training for you on how to use your home automation system.
  • The provision of proper documentation and software project files to you.

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