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Australian Home Automation Systems Integrator Checklist.

Ask your home automation specialist (Systems Integrator) about their:

Certification Qualifications Experience Project-Proposals Consulting Website

Home Automation Checklist Item Manufacturer certification - essential.
  • Manufacturers conduct training on the proper design, installation and programming of their home automation equipment.
  • This manufacturer training and certification typically involves two stages (titles vary):
    Approved Installer training appropriate for the installation of systems that have been designed by someone else, and;
    Systems Integrator training appropriate for design and programming.
  • Manufacturer certification " should be regarded as a complement to education, work experience, and related skill sets, not as a replacement." ["Certification Uncertainty" article by Susan Karlin, p. 45 November 2006, IEEE Spectrum magazine.]
  • Most manufacturers train both professionals and tradespeople to help increase the market penetration of their products.
  • What manufacturer certifications has your home automation specialist attained?
    These should of Systems Integrator level such as a C-Bus pointOne accredited home automation professional, and an Inner Range Advanced Technician.
Home Automation Checklist Item Formal qualifications - the more, the better.
  • A home automation specialist should ideally be to home automation what an Architect is to a new home.
  • An Engineer highly trained in electronic hardware, software, and system design practises would be such an example.
  • You may ask a Technician or an Electrician to design your home automation instead of an Engineer, just as you may ask a Building Designer or a Builder to design your home instead of an Architect. You will however expect to receive a lower standard of support if you do this.
  • Professionally qualified home automation specialists tend to provide better long term value, and may actually charge less than some of their less qualified counterparts.
  • What formal qualifications does the person designing and programming my home automation project have?
    While experience and manufacturer training are important, they are no substitute for formal education.
Home Automation Checklist Item Practical experience - essential.
  • Would you prefer that your Systems Integrator learn most of their practical lessons during your project, or previous ones?
  • As with most specialised occupations, home automation integration involves discovering undocumented technical quirks and developing specialised business practises and procedures, over and above training and formal qualifications.
  • How many years experience does your home automation integrator have exclusively in home automation?
    It may be two years before a Systems Integrator's practical discoveries mostly relate to new products and fine-tuning their procedures.
Home Automation Checklist Item Detailed project proposal - essential.
  • A detailed project proposal is required at the quotation stage to specify to you what is included, where it is to be located, and how your specific needs are to be supported.
  • This project proposal should include an itemised part list with individual prices, clear project schematics, and even preliminary wall-switch function assignments so you know if enough switches have been provided in the right locations.
  • A typical Electrician's quick quote is an inadequate basis for a home automation project.
  • Ask to see an example project proposal to see how complete their documentation is?
    Paying a fee to obtain a proper home automation project proposal can be a very wise investment.
Home Automation Checklist Item Client consultation - essential.
  • You and your home automation Systems Integrator need to appreciate how much consultation time is required to achieve a home automation project that meets your expectations.
  • Your Systems Integrator needs to understand your current and likely future needs;
  • Explain how your needs can be meet by a home automation system, and its limitations;
  • Indicate what future expansion is possible and what is involved to achieve this;
  • Show you how to use your system on site; and
  • Adjust your system programming after you have moved in and been using your home automation for a while.
  • Ask if your home automation Systems Integrator will allow sufficient time to perform all support tasks.
    Also make yourself sufficiently available to consult properly with your Systems Integrator.
Home Automation Checklist Item Systems Integrator's company website - desirable.
  • Home automation projects increasing involve Information Technology and Internet interactivity.
  • Your home automation Systems Integrator's website should be professional and informative, just like they should be.
  • Feel more confident if their website is this way because they have designed and implemented their website themselves.
  • What is your company website address, and have you designed and programmed it yourself?

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